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Handouts from Dr. Elkousy:

The handouts on this website have been created by Dr. Elkousy. You may find other information and protocols that differ, but the concepts are similar as all physicians have preferences based upon experience and interpretation of the orthopedic literature.

AAOS Website:

More information on shoulder conditions , common shoulder exercises, and post surgical shoulder exercises can be found on the AAOS website.

More information on knee conditions and knee conditioning exercises, and general knee exercises can be found on the AAOS website.

FIFA Soccer Injury Prevention Exercises:

FIFA has a series of warmup exercises that are useful potentially prevent injury, particularly in female soccer players. Click here to go to their page. The downloads for the exercises can be found here.

Click here for the FIFA 11+ program poster in english.

Female basketball athlete injury prevention exercises:

The same exercises used for soccer above can be applied to basketball.

Core Exercises:

Mayo clinic website core exercise slides

Animated Videos:

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